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Finished Fr 6/30/17 This is the third in the Dave Robicheaux series.
I borrowed this from the library as an Ebook- Axis 360

Most of the novel is set near Missoula, Montana.

Dixie Lee Pugh is a washed up Country/Blues musician that knew Dave when they were in college. He comes back into Dave's life struggling with his alcoholism and tells Dave that he heard two mean that he worked with admit to the murder of two men.

Dave reluctantly becomes involved. Dave confronts the two men at their motel and beats them very bloody with a length of chain. The stronger of the two men kills the other with a knife because he knows that Dave will take the heat for this murder.

This man and his partner work for a land leasing outfit that are buying land in Montana. They want to turn it into the new Lake Tahoe and they also want the natural minerals (gas, oil, whatever).

These two men kill two Indians in the AIM movement who didn't want the land leasers on their land.

While on bond, Dave and Alafair travel to Montana to try to find evidence that Dave didn't kill the land lease guy.

In Montana Dave runs into a low level mafia boss who runs the area. Mayhem ensues.

In the end of the novel Dave locates the bodies of the two men due to a dream. His new Indian girlfriend was murdered and she comes to him in the dream and tells him that the bodies are buried near a spring that would have allowed to bury the men even though the ground would have been frozen solid.

Dave, Alafair and Dixie Lee share a house in Montana. Dixie promises not to drink and he watches Alafair while Dave looks for answers.

Dave's old partner from the New Orleans Police Department, Clete Purcell, works for the mafia guys in Montana.

All of the Robicheaux series is Must Read stuff and this one is no exception. I've borrowed NEON RAIN, the first in the series from the library.

 From Publishers Weekly on the book's page at amazon-

"Burke pits a land-hungry oil company against a Blackfeet Indian reservation in a stunning novel that takes detective fiction into new imaginative realms. His Cajun sleuth, Dave Robicheaux, an ex-New Orleans cop featured in two previous novels, attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, has recurrent nightmares about his murdered wife, and cares for an adopted El Salvadoran refugee girl. When two American Indian activists disappear, Robicheaux's dogged investigation not only sets him on a collision course with Mafia thugs and oil interests, but also leads him into a romance with Darlene American Horse, his ex-partner's girlfriend. All the main characters in this darkly beautiful, lyric saga carry heavy emotional baggage, and Robicheaux's sleuthing is a simultaneous exorcism of demons of grief, loss, fear, rage, vengeance. Burke's fictional terrain--stretching from the Louisiana bayous to Montana's red cliffs and pine-dotted hills--is uniquely his own, yet also a microcosm of a multi-ethnic America. He writes from the heart and the gut."

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