Friday, November 29, 2013

AFTERSHOCK by Andrew Vachss

Finished Fr 11/29/13

Set in a small town on the Oregon coast
Dell and Dolly, he is a mercenary who trained in the French Foreign Legion (La Legion Estrangere); She is a nurse practitioner with Medecins Sans Frontieres.
Novel opens with Dell killing hunters near their property. He is 'setting the stakes'. Wants them out of the area because he is afraid that Dolly might be accidently shot, and he would be unable to live without her
Mary Lou McCoy- Lesbian softball star, kills one boy (Cameron Taft), and wounds two others
Danielle McCoy-her 13 year old sexually precocious and manipulative sister
Franklin Wayne-loyal 'big and dumb' friend of Mary Lou's. At the school only to play football, and appears to be retarded, but knows more than he lets on and his love of Mary Lou is unquestioned.
Tiger Ko Khai-name of the rape gang. They were signature jackets with raglan sleeves
Debbie Rollo-Expert witness who is part of Dolly's organization. This woman is expert on women who have been raped.
T.D. Joel-Expert witness on  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The key to their defense rests on the fact that Mary Lou was not temporarily insane, but PTSD due to the fact she was convinced that Danielle was in danger of being gang raped.
Cameron-the 'pretty boy' rapist who Mary Lou killed. Danielle believes that he was in love with her. He wasn't.
Ryan Teller-the real leader of Tiger Ko Khai. Formed when he was in the military in Southeast Asia
Mr. Bradley Swift-lawyer retained by Dell for Mary Lou. Dell has him get a haircut and change to a dynamic and effective lawyer. He had been kind of a slacker.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Finished Sa 11/23/13

First novel in the Dr. Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series/1995
Val McDermid is a lesbian author from Scotland.

Four Gay killings
Dr. Anthony Hill-Profiler with sexual problems. Mother distant. Grandmother demanding. Only able to 'fake' human interaction. Using phone sex as self-therapy, but only kidding himself.
Detective Inspector Carol Jordan
Bradfield Police Department
'Handy Andy' 'Queer Killer'
'Angelica' phone sex-Trans-sexual, but not gay. Sex change in Holland, denied by British. Works for phone company as computer specialist. Christopher Thorpe/Angelica Thorpe

Monday, November 18, 2013


Finished Mo 11/18/13

The first in the Matthew Scudder series, 1976

Wendy Hanniford, stepfather- Cale
Real father killed in Korea at the battle of Inchon

Scudder left the force after sixteen years after he accidently shot and killed Estrellita Rivera when two men tried an armed robbery at a bar where Scudder was drinking. Scudder tithes ten percent of his fee because of this accidental killing. He is divorced and the father of two sons who live with his ex wife in upstate NY.

Richie Vanderpoel- Gay roommate of Wendy and falsely accused of her murder. Actually she was slashed to death by his father, Reverend Vanderpoel. His wife committed suicide years earlier by slashing her wrists in the bathtub.
Wendy had a thing for older men. She seemed to constantly be looking out for a father figure (dead father). She even came on to her stepfather, and his negative reaction pushed her even further in that direction.

When she came on to the reverend, he took her up on it, had an affair and couldn't handle the guilt. When his son discovered Wendy's body, he lost his mind, and committed suicide in jail within a day.

Scudder visits the reverend and forces him to commit suicide with Richie's pills or he will expose him. He does.

WAR AND PEACE by Leo Tolstoy

Finished Su 11/17/13
October and November selection for Classic Book Club, Lincoln Library

5 Disc Series BBC 1972 Anthony Hopkins as 'Pierre'

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Friday, November 1, 2013

ISLANDS IN THE NET by Bruce Sterling

Finished Fr 10/25/13

THE NIGHT CHURCH by Whitley Strieber

Finished 10/25/13


Finished Fr 11/1/13

The book offers some interesting insights about automobile design and marketing within the car industry, but the author's neo-conservative political bent is far too intrusive. To believe that global warming is a left-wing conspiracy theory, and Fox News is somehow notable for its courageous stand against the obvious is flat-out ridiculous. Although, I guess England's Prince Charles could probably cook up a dandy defense of 'The Divine Right of Kings'.  Mr. Lutz's take on the American car industry could best be summed up by the statement, "The operation was a success, but the patient died". I could accept his opinion that too much 'over-thinking' goes on in the industry, and it's probably the fault of the way that business management is taught in American universities. However, I couldn't accept his viewpoint that this is caused by a 'left-wing' bias in education. I suppose he's trying to come across as 'a no nonsense kinda guy', but his neocon views soured me on his valid positions.