Monday, June 26, 2017

SUNSET LIMITED by James Lee Burke

Finished Su 6/25/17

This was an E-book that I got from the library, but I didn't finish it before they recalled it. I tried to re-check it out, but I guess someone was waiting for it. I put it on reserve, and in about a week I got finally it.

The title refers to the name of a train, The Sunset Limited, that took Dave Robicheaux's mother and her new boyfriend to Hollywood when Dave was a young boy. He was supposed to go, but his mother never sent for him and she came back in disgrace.

Summary of the storyline taken from a review at Publishers Weekly-

"unsolved murder 40 years ago of union organizer Jack Flynn. The story encompasses at least eight disparate but interlocking subplots: the crooked money behind a movie directed by Flynn's son Cisco; the hold that ex-con Swede Boxleiter has on Cisco's photojournalist sister, Megan; Willie ""Cool Breeze"" Broussard's theft of a mob warehouse; his wife Ida's suicide 20 years ago; the shooting of two white brothers who raped a black woman; alcoholic Lisa Terrebonne's haunted childhood; her wealthy, arrogant father's ties to Harpo Scruggs, a vicious murderer; the post-Civil War killing by freed slaves of a Terrebonne servant. Hired assassins, snitches, lawmen and FBI agents weave through the novel. Dave and his partner Detective Helen Soileau find the connections, but Dave knows that in the ongoing class war, the worst criminals wield too much influence to pay for their crimes."

This is the tenth book (out of twenty) in the Dave Robicheaux series.
I'm reading BLACK CHERRY BLUES, third in the series, now.

You can't beat the eloquent prose description and the delightful characters in these books.

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